My life well and truly revolves around sport, whether it be watching it, reading it, listening to it or writing about it! My name is Cameron, and as an aspiring sports journalist I am eager to regularly share my opinions and ideas surrounding sport.

I persist to be interested by a range of sports, although my passion is football and Liverpool Football Club in particular. Despite being an Essex boy, my Northern relations have ensured I have been a follower of the mighty reds since an early age, which has led to Steven Gerrard becoming an idol of mine. As a Liverpool fan, I have never been too far away from the controversial side of football which has come in the form of that man Luis Suarez, while I have also benefited from closely following the Hillsborough inquests and the ever increasing importance of the Transfer Market and Finance with regards to recognising how sport has simply progressed from the traditional game we all love. For the better? That is a question that, I suspect, will be open for dispute for years to come.

Although my main focus is football, I am very interested in other sports such as Cricket, Rugby, Golf, Tennis and Athletics. Having played Cricket along side Football for a number of years, I have grown to appreciate the passion within the game and desire to win; as a sport. I enjoy watching cricket whether it be a four day Test Match or a Twenty over game as I find it interesting to see the way in which both skill and technique and power and guts play a large role in bringing victory in different forms of the same sport. The likes of West Indies Batsman, Chris Gayle, and the unorthodox bowler Malinga excite me; the ability to strike a ball with such power and conviction and the success of such a unique and fast technique is both thrilling and admirable. I have, too, found myself intrigued by the world of Rugby, thanks to my Uncle, who is insistent on reminding me that St Helens are the team to support. Despite being difficult to understand, I have taught myself the rules having been frustrated watching the game for the first time without a clue what the ref kept blowing his whistle for. I love watching the passion and patriotism of the England players, and, though I hate to say it, the skill of the Kiwi’s. With regards to Golf, I am disappointed to know I missed Tiger Woods in his prime, who acted as the main reason as to why I began to take an interest in the sport. I haven’t always been interested by Golf, but recently more so, thanks to the success of Rory Mcilroy and the excitement within tournaments such as the Ryder Cup and major opens.

As for tennis, it is the on going rivalry between the famous trio in Federer, Nadal and Djokovic that keeps me on the edge of my seat. Nowadays, it is impossible to predict who might come out on top, with their ability, technique and tenacity being responsible for the way in which tennis has developed. The William’s sisters can’t be discounted either; despite not being at their best anymore, they have flown the flag for tennis for years, ensuring audiences begin to and continue to respect the hard work that players put into their game. When I think of Athletics, despite being English, I instantly think of Usain Bolt. As a generation, we have been blessed in the way we having witnessed a man take the world by storm for running in a straight line. Not only does he excel phsycially, he is loved for his showman-ship and the entertainment factor that he has in his locker. As and athlete, he continues to amaze, breaking his own world records and setting highest bar seen in the world of Athletics for many years. London 2012 is one of the many reasons I love sport due to the roar of the English crowd as Mo Farah ran to victory on the final straight of the 10,000 m; the passion of the fans and the huge impact this had on the athletes reminds everyone of the way sport should be with regards to forgetting the money and simply focusing on winning for your country, your team and doing the best you can.

As I said earlier, my main focus is football, which is the niche market I dream to work as a sports journalist for, in the future. I possess a growing interest in all sports, and the way in which these sports are progressing, in terms of physical ability and skill and the individual sports as businesses. I am constantly looking for someone to share my thoughts on sport with and I am hopeful this blog will enable me to do so as I am certain my family have had enough of hearing me rant about Liverpool. Feedback will be very much appreciated.

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