The season of a two driver race in Formula One

I for one am thoroughly enjoying the race for the F1 Driver’s Championship between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. The unpredictability of this season is what makes it the most exciting for a few years, having seen Sebastian Vettel dominate for so many years.

It is a matter that is constantly disputed, however I do strongly believe that the power of some cars as opposed to others makes Formula One less competitive than it could be. The domination of both Mercedes cars this season supports the idea that the car does a lot of the work; they appear so much stronger and faster than cars belonging to less recognised Formula One teams, giving teams such as Force India and Toro Rosso less of a chance of being successful. The same thing has happened in the past with Vettel and Mark Webber dominating many races in previous years given the superiority of the Red Bull Cars at the time. I see this as a weakness within Formula One, as the sport is missing out on the prospect of huge competition between drivers, that would make it difficult to predict who might prevail. Despite this, positives must be taken from the fact that the difference in strength and power of cars has resulted in key battles across the entire race, whether it be the race for 5th and 6th or a battle for a  podium finish.

The recent United States Grand Prix has proved this, with much of the attention being turned towards the battles further down in the field as opposed to Hamilton easing to victory, having taken the lead early on. The duel between Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel reminded fans of the quality and skill of both drivers. For years, Fernando Alonso has had to live without the success he used to experience, despite continuing to be, technically, one the strongest drivers. With a stronger car, Alonso would certainly be in the battle for the driver’s championship. Recently, drivers such as Jean-Eric Vergne and Daniel Ricciardo have driven superbly, giving viewers reason to be optimistic with regards to the future of Formula One, while this has also reminded us of the way in which having cars of equal ability across the field would make the sport more exciting and exhilarating than it already is.

Formula One in this modern day displays the astonishing advance in mechanics and technology, that can be seen as positives with regards to the way they present a world of Formula One that has never been seen before in terms of the cars and the features of the cars. The different locations and the exciting build up to races is making the sport more glamorous and exciting than ever before, however I am eager to see a Formula One where drivers are driving very similar or even the same cars in order to put their driving abilities to the test more. It can’t be denied though, that the battle between Rosberg and Hamilton is proving to be the closest and most competitive battle for years.

The sport is progressing as a business and the amount of possibilities foreshadows an exciting future for Formula One, with Bernie Eccelstone’s full control of the sport nearing its end promising to be a huge turning point.


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