Can Neymar be up there with the greats?

Brazil’s boy wonder, Neymar Jr, certainly lived up to the high expectations surrounding him at the World Cup last summer, showing people how he has the talent and flair to become one of the best in the world.

At just 22, he carried a weak Brazil side to the quarter finals, with the 7-1 defeat to Germany showing how big a player he was for the team having been absent due to injury. Tonight I have watched him score twice, in a friendly against Turkey, to move his total up to 42 goals for his National side, all in just 59 appearances. An astonishing record that surely promises to get even better.

He might not get the recognition at Barcelona due to the presence of Messi, but I truly believe he has the potential to be right up there with Pele in the list of Brazil greats. He possesses the unpredictability and flair that makes him such an exciting player and a player that represents the samba style football that we recognise, or used to recognise, Brazil for. He is Brazil’s best chance of returning to the top of the rankings where most believe they belong after gradually losing grip of the domination in International football that they were once so used to.

He is far from the perfect player, however the Brazilian side must not be rebuilt around Neymar. He has the speed and trickery to unlock the best defences, he has the Brazilian passion that gives him the confidence that enables him to believe he can do anything with a football, therefore he has the ability to change a game or win a game on his own. With Neymar, Brazil’s time at the top will come again, for sure.

42 goals in 59 appearances, and counting.


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