Congratulations Lewis Hamilton

2014 Formula One World Champion- Lewis Hamilton. What an achievement for him and a what a moment for English sport.

Having won his second world title, Lewis Hamilton is surely on his way to becoming one of the greats in F1 Motorsport. I stand by Hamilton’s claims after the race that this is only the start, as I am positive he will continue to achieve great things within Formula One.

His superiority throughout the season has heightened expectations on Hamilton, with many now eager to see him go on to win more titles with Mercedes. Of course the strength of his car was a contributing factor, however his driving ability, composure and determination to succeed can not be over looked. He showed admirable resilience after finding himself in difficult situations throughout the season- difficulties that began to suggest Nico Rosberg might go on to win the title himself.

The battle between Hamilton and Rosberg never failed to excite the fans. In the end, I always believed in Lewis Hamilton and was certain he was mentally stronger than Rosberg, despite the mind games. Without the presence of Rosberg, this Formula One season and Hamilton’s title win might not have been perceived in the proud and admirable way it has been. Hamilton’s Mercedes team mate secured the most pole positions on the starting grid, recognising the extent of his title challenge as well as Lewis Hamilton’s skill, having come from behind to win so many times.

The conclusive race in Abu Dhabi was all about Hamilton. Having got off to a perfect start, passing Rosberg before the first corner, Hamilton never looked like he was about to relinquish his lead. Whether it was the pressure of being in pole position or the fear of having to find a way to beat Hamilton, Rosberg failed to stop his team mate from securing his second world title.

Over the course of the season, I believe Hamilton thoroughly deserved to win the title. Rumours are now suggesting he may be about to sign a deal with Mercedes that will secure him around £100million over five years, implying Hamilton is on his way to dominating Formula One for many years to come.

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