RIP Phillip Hughes

63 forever not out. The death of Phillip Hughes is without a doubt one of the most tragic moments I have seen in sport in my life so far.
The thoughts of every sports star and fan goes out to his family, friends and team mates. 25 is too young for a man to go.

What is amazing to see is the way in which the sporting world has united to remember Hughes. Rivalry has been forgotten for the moment in time as the world comes together to put our bats out and remember the life of Australian Cricketer, Phillip Hughes.

As we think of Hughes, we must also hold a thought for the unfortunate man who bowled the tragic ball, Sean Abbott. It could have happened to anyone and Abbott must be reminded of that. I’m sure he has and can only hope he has the right people around him to support him emotionally, assuring he is able to recover from this. Like I say, anyone could have bowled that ball.

Safety will inevitably come into question following the incident. Many will call for a ban on the ‘bouncer’, however I don’t feel this is needed. I’ll say it again, it could have happened to anyone; bouncers are such a common part of cricket nowadays and very rarely do they result in such severe consequences. The abolishment of the ‘bouncer’ would take away a large part of cricket- a part of cricket in recent years that has given the sport a more competitive edge.

The protection for Batsmen is what must be addressed. The Phillip Hughes case was the extreme; to be struck on the only place where the helmet does not protect the players head is extremely rare and desperately unfortunate. Helmets must undergo work, ensuring that they cover the entire head of the player. An incident like this must be prevented from ever happening again.

With the trails and tribulations surrounding safety following this incident, the true spirit of cricket must not be forgotten. These disputes must not take over from what is most important, which is remembering Phillip Hughes and sparing a thought for Sean Abbott.


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