Jose Mourinho is like Marmite- you either love it or you don’t…

Following Chelsea’s draw against Southampton at the weekend, Jose Mourinho was furious, believing his side deserved a penalty when it appeared Cesc Fabregas had been brought down in the box, only to be booked for diving.

Having looked back at it, it is clear to see that Southampton’s Matt Targett slipped before taking out the legs of Fabregas- a definite penalty in my eyes. Anthony Taylor disagreed and, instead, showed the former Barcelona star a yellow card for simulation.

Yet again, this brings up the dispute concerning Refereeing decisions with diving having become a reoccurrence throughout the season so far. Of course, Jose Mourinho was left infuriated having seen his player unfairly booked, however his claim that Match Officials, Commentators and other Managers are all involved in a campaign seems a little extreme. Without a doubt, Mourinho has a case for Fabregas’s booking being harsh, however he can’t have too many complaints after Gary Cahill’s blatant dive against Hull a few weeks ago. At the time, Hull boss Steve Bruce claimed Cahill should have been sent off, which might be a bit too far but does well in expressing how blatant a dive it was. Too say the league has a campaign against his side is ridiculous and a little embarrassing considering his Chelsea side are top of the league.

This outburst comes weeks after the Chelsea boss criticized Newcastle Fans for time wasting in his side’s 2-1 defeat. Again, it is bold of him to complain of time wasting after doing his best to slow down the clock during Chelsea’s 2-0 victory against Liverpool at Anfield last season. It is disappointing to here as complaining such as this turns people against him and causes many to forget his tactical genius and understanding of the game that probably makes him the best manager in the world at this moment in time.

Has to be said though- he wouldn’t be the most interesting and entertaining manager if it wasn’t for the complaining and outbursts that accompany tactical brilliance and passion for the game.


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