America knows how to celebrate a major sporting event

Just days ago, the world watched on as the New England Patriots clinched a thrilling victory over the reigning champions, Seattle Seahawks, in Super Bowl 49.
With only 20 seconds remaining, Malcolm Butler secured the Patriots victory as he made a miracle interception on the goal line to help his side hang on for victory. The evening marked one of the most exciting and most unpredictable finals as Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, threw four touchdown passes including a winning touchdown pass with just two minutes left to give his side their first Super Bowl in ten years.
The game and occasion, without a doubt, deserved the build-up it received on social media and the anticipation and excitement surrounding the event caused by Sky News and betting companies. Once again, the Super Bowl showcased the way the world continues to embrace American Football by the year, showing signs to suggest it will continue to rise in popularity and, perhaps, become as big as mainstream sports such as Football, Cricket and Rugby in European countries. What cannot be forgotten, however, is the fact that it is America’s sport and rightfully so given the way they have elevated it through the support from fans and the way in which they have helped it rise as an industry.
The occasion, including the build-up, demonstrated the passion within the sport and was a superb example for the way in which a sport can unite a nation or particular sections of a nation. The extended pre match coverage highlighted just how big an event this was in America while persisting the entice much of the world, contrasting the presentation of the FA Cup Final in England. Despite moving the focus away from the sport itself, the pre match and half time entertainment at the Super Bowl added to the occasion and played a key role in making it such a highly anticipated event. This type of entertainment has almost become a tradition and one that has been embraced by the fans of the sport in America. England has failed to match this with the FA Cup final gradually and visibly decreasing in its prestige with the pre match coverage faltering over the years and the overall event varying in popularity depending on the sides that make the final, causing fans to perceive it as less competitive by the year. Similar entertainment to that of America would be useful in again elevating it as a key footballing event in England as it would extend the event overall and help it differ from a simple league match. It is simply about making a day such as this special, unique and memorable.
One thing that must also be questioned is the attitudes of both sets of fans. Having watched the build-up for the Super Bowl, fans are clearly desperate to ensure they are able to watch the game with many keen to make a day of it, whether that meant watching it on TV at home with fellow supporters and friends or being fortunate enough the watch the game at the stadium. The whole of America seems to be on stand still as Kick Off approaches, whereas in England people are becoming less bothered about ensuring they are back in time to see the game. In addition, another key factor as to why the two differ is the fact that the players competing for the Super Bowl are all American, making the National Anthem prior to the game even more special, helping to make the fans more passionate and more determined for their team to win. England and events such as the FA Cup cannot compete with this due to the range of Nationalities in football; they may bring class and quality however foreign players don’t seem to be able to grasp the passion that was once associated with English football and the FA Cup. They limit finals such as the FA Cup by no fault of their own by being disconnected from ‘old school’ English football.
I am not saying the English game has lost its passion and pride but the increased popularity and media coverage of American Football and the Super Bowl, in particular, is beginning to showcase the impressive presentation of the sport and the admirable attitudes of the fans.


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