The value of Yannick Bolasie

Just how good can Crystal Palace’s Yannick Bolasie be?
Without a doubt, his performances have done enough to suggest that he certainly has the potential to be one the greatest attacking threats in the league.
Bolasie represents all that is good about modern day football in terms of the excitement and unpredictability he brings to the game.
What he lacks in cutting edge finishing he compensates for with his unbelievable pace, energy and flair, making him a nightmare for even the best defenders.
The dilemma he finds himself in is whether he feels it is time to push for a move to one of the top clubs or whether he should remain faithful to Alan Pardew by helping his impressive Palace side progress even further.
As a Liverpool fan, I would be delighted to see him at Anfield having witnessed him give our defence a torrid time in the defeat to Bolasie’s side in the final game of the 2014/2015 season.
The ability for him to improve his finishing and final ball would take him up a level in terms of making him a more complete player. For me, this would grant him a move to a top six side.
Aside from this, the trickery he has displayed during his consistent run in the Palace side is something that already sets him apart from the rest. The confidence and ability to use the ball in such unorthodox and unpredictable ways makes him a real asset to the Premier League.
He is capable of single handedly being responsible for a complete paradigm shift away from a game with a focus on tactical discipline and possession, towards a game with a focus on energy, flair and fast paced, penetrative attacking football.
He is a rumoured target for Tottenham Hotspur however has been warned of a move to a top six side by Alan Pardew. Any caution in his approach to such a situation will be understandable having seen the struggles his team mate Wilfried Zaha suffered after moving to Manchester United.
Wherever he ends up, the team with the ability of Bolasie at their disposal will be in possession of a game changer.

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