Calm before the storm in Horsforth


Rare sunshine on the Leeds Trinity campus today

Leeds Trinity University’s playing fields were a scene of silence today as out of bound signs were put up in preparation for more bad Yorkshire weather.

Students were unable to make the most of the sun today as the university moved quickly to protect the pitches ahead of the imminent downpour.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for tomorrow in the Horsforth area with heavy rainfall and a maximum temperature of 3C (37F) expected.

Wednesday’s usual sporting activities at the university could come to a standstill as the weather takes its toll.

Signs were put up today to preserve the pitches in the hope they can be used tomorrow and also to help the ground recover after last weekend’s weather.

The bad weather has also had an impact on local football team Guiseley AFC. Their recent National League fixture against Grimsby Town had to be postponed at the weekend, forcing the club to reschedule yet another game.

Leeds Trinity’s sportsmen and women may be forced to bring out the sledges and try their hand in a new sport with snow fall also expected.



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