Work underway to get more Essex women involved in sport

Active Essex will look to increase the number of women involved in sport with the launch of their new campaign.women

Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign is to address yet another section of the nation by setting up in Basildon on April 14.

The aim of the campaign is to inspire women to overcome the barriers putting them off of playing sport such as their size and ability.

Local female ambassadors will be introduced to encourage participation from the 60.8 percent of females in Essex who do not take part in sport.

Gary Sullivan OBE, Chair of Active Essex, spoke to the Basildon Recorder about the positives of This Girl Can.

He said: “The campaign is focused on empowering all women and showing them how fun and enjoyable sport and physical activity can be; by concentrating the campaign specifically on Essex, we’re also able to highlight the varied opportunities available for women to get involved with locally.”

The movement promises to get more women active and help them overcome the common fear of judgement that stops so many from playing sport.

Zumba fanatic Shannon Quinn, 18, believes it is a great way of bringing self-conscious women together.

She said: “I have been made to feel so comfortable while taking part in my Zumba class surrounded by women so I can’t begin to imagine how big an impact such a big campaign like this will have.”

She added: “This focus on trying to make women feel good about themselves is great. I like how there is no mention of competition and that it is simply about making sport fun for women.”

Sport England has previously worked to get more women involved in sport in 2010 when £203,172 of National Lottery funding was used to set up women sports groups in 70 of the most disadvantaged areas in Essex.

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