Local residents of Wetherby lined the streets in numbers today, to cheer on cyclists on the first day of the 2016 Tour de Yorkshire.

The streets were flooded with excited school children, volunteers and media personnel as the town of Wetherby celebrated a momentous occasion.tour

Tempo FM’s volunteer worker, Eric Ovenden commented on the impact of the Tour on the community. He said: ” Anything that really gives the town a bit of a lift is good news really.”

He added: ‘This is bringing stuff in to Wetherby, it’s bringing Wetherby as a focus and it’s certainly encourages people to come and enjoy the things we’ve got to offer here in the town.”

Volunteer flag marshall Mike Piet, also discussed the global attraction of the Tour de Yorkshire. He said: ”I followed the Tour de France when it came in 2014, it’s great, we need these events to showcase Yorkshire.

Dean Buckle, owner of Wetherby Bike Shack also said: ”To a town like Wetherby, it means it has put it back on the map. It’s a market town traditionally but obviously you get the added bonus of having the Tour de Yorkshire.”

He added: ”It’s a big stepping stone in the limelight for Wetherby as a town and this year obviously I’ve been a driving force with getting the businesses on board, putting bunting up, music in the centre and car parking.”

Local school children also helped towards the major event with Deighton Gate primary school and St Mary’s primary school, contributing colourful banners and posters that lined the streets to indicate the route.


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