80 days until a new start for the Giants number 80

Today marks 80 days until the New York Giants kick off their 2016 regular season and just 80 days for the Giants number 80 Victor Cruz to get himself ready for a game one trip to Dallas.  Cruz

Ben McAdoo will take charge of his first game as head coach of the Giants on September 11 when his men face a Cowboys side reinvigorated by the arrival of exciting rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott and a potential return to action for veteran quarterback Tony Romo.

Over in New York, Giants fans are, and will be closer to the time, relishing the chance to see wide receiver Victor Cruz take to the field again after his frustrating injury layoffs.

Gasps in a video of Cruz taking a soft fall in a recent training camp speak volumes in terms of just how careful the Giants have to be and are being with him this summer.

Everyone wants to see him back in full flow again which is why both Cruz himself and coaches are striving to do things right over the next couple of months.

A beaming smile reminiscent to that of The Grinch from Odell Beckham Jr was enough to express his joy when he was recently asked how he felt about the return of his opposite receiver.

He already having a valuable impact on moral and forces the question as to what a Cruz and Beckham pairing is capable of.

The feeling is that McAdoo is capable of achieving something big with this roster and having a man at his disposal who has been there and won a Super Bowl can only give him a better chance of being successful.

The summer promises to be a challenging one for the Cruz as he attempts to ready himself in time for September having been absent for the majority of the previous two seasons because of injury.

Taking things slow seems to have been the motto for the 29-year-old so far having spent most of his time in this off-season training by himself with coaching staff and testing the calf that has caused him so many problems.

Combatting the mental issues that seemed to rise as a result of continuous setbacks in practice last year has been a main focus.

He is yet to have taken part in team drills or route-running against defenders however his presence alone is something to be valued at this point.

Aside from his ability on the field, he poses as a key figure behind the scenes for such a promising talent like rookie receiver Sterling Shepard to look up to and go to for advice as he works towards enjoying a smooth transition from college football to life in the NFL.

To say fans are excited by the prospect of him returning in 2016 is an understatement. His work in the shadows is something of a subtle threat and a menacing enigma as those outside of the Giants camp question, and perhaps fear, what in fact this man is going to be capable of if he can get fit again.

80 days to go. The clock is ticking for the Giants number 80.


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